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ADOPT-FIT eGIM Calibration Procedures

ADOPT-FIT provides factory-calibrated outstations that do not require any further adjustment, calibration or maintenance once installed.

However, the overall calibration and accuracy of the system depends upon two additional factors:-

Sensor Calibration.

Generally, when sensors are provided and installed by ADOPT-FIT, then they are correctly calibrated at the time. Some sensors require periodic re-calibration. This is normally the responsibility of the consumer site.

When the consumer site has existing sensors, it is advisable for these sensors to be calibrated prior to the commencement of VMI. This does not always happen and can cause incorrect readings until the calibration is completed. Calibration is normally the responsibility of the consumer site.

System Configuration.

The system configuration accuracy has a direct relationship to the VMI data accuracy. Often tank sizes are reported inaccurately. A tank with an actual volume of 80m3 and a reported volume of 100m3 will provide VMI data which is 20% inaccurate.

Variations or inaccuracies with the product density will also cause a subsequent VMI inaccuracy.

How does ADOPT-FIT Calibrate a new VMI System?

We rely upon our own experience, information gathered from the site using the Site Survey Form and information from the supplier to check delivered weights.

Initially we start with the information that we are given. During the installation, we also "spot-check" the level (compare the site reading with the remote one).

Following installation, we need approximately 4 delivered weights from the supplier in order to verify that the overall calibration is correct. We compare the delivered weights with the increases shown on the VMI graph. If these figures compare, then the system is considered to be calibrated and ready for use.

If we find discrepancies with the spot-checks supplied by the site, or with delivered weights, then we investigate further. This often leads to a conclusion that the reported tank size is incorrect, or that the sensor needs to be re-calibrated.

We can correct tank size and product density errors immediately, but sensor calibration requires the co-operation of the consumer and the involvement of the original equipment provider to do the calibration.

It may be necessary to receive further delivery information from the supplier once a sensor has been re-calibrated.


If you require support or assistance please email ADOPT-FIT Support staff or call us on +44 (870) 383 0327.

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